monument layouts


The Layout or "design work" on a monument can say almost as much about the person or people being remembered as the words themselves.

simply cut into the polish can imply such attributes as single-mindedness, peace, unpretentiousness, clarity, integrity, strength, conviction. Most of the polished surface remains to reflect the surroundings or the face of the reader.

Where names or words are significant, bold lettering of 'raised' polish in contrasting panels draw special attention.  Special lettering styles can harden or soften the appearance.

The addition of symbols or icons can wordlessly and instantly say much about lives well lived.  Wedding bands, lodge symbols, badges, honour decorations, logos, are some examples.

More complex drawings in the form of engravings or etchings may often provide a sense of tranquility or help preserve a special memory.  Nature or cottage scenes and portraits sketched from photos are most often asked for, but pets, planes, trains, autos, trucks, motorcycles, ships, sports, music, are representative of just a few of the other subjects we have portrayed in etchings. 

may provide an important addition to a monument for some people.  Colour photographs can be reproduced in ceramic discs to permanently preserve a memory.  Castings in bronze add flair and artistic beauty.  Sensible holders for plants, flowers. candles are often chosen.

An unimposing monument can claim recognition if a modest piece of statuary
 adorns it.  There are many carefully crafted marble and composite items available at reasonable cost.

Where a number of different elements are required in the design,  continuity can be achieved with careful attention to positioning and the inclusion of borders, lines, scrollwork, symbolic fretwork, etc.

LONS has photo albums showing a wide variety of fine arrangements.  A quick look is often all it takes to see one which draws your interest, and this often helps to start you in the direction you might want for your memorial design. 



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